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Summer Internships Take a Little Homework


Courtesy of HR Made Simple

Hiring Interns

Thinking of hiring summer interns this year? There are many benefits to doing so. Interns can:

  • Minimize the impact to your hiring budget
  • Free up your experienced employees to work on more complex assignments
  • Bring new ideas and energy into your organization
  • Become great full-time employees who are already trained in job functions and are therefore immediately productive

Paid vs. Unpaid

The next question to ask is whether to offer a paid internship or a purely educational one. But, before you leap toward an unpaid internship, make sure that your program is within the law.

Paid Internships

  • Even though you are required to only pay the Federal or State minimum wage, consider the education and knowledge of the students you want to hire.
  • Consider the job requirements, skills and responsibilities necessary for your internship. Will your intern need to perform basic skills, or will they be asked to perform duties that require a higher level of expertise?
  • If you are not sure what the fair market wage is for the position you want to fill, make a quick call to your local college or university and ask for the career development office, or contact other local businesses to survey what they pay interns.

Unpaid Internships

When considering unpaid internships, be thinking of the U.S. Department of Labor's Criteria. Federal and State Laws dictate whether a particular job is considered an internship or...

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