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Six Things They Have That You Need

By: Steven Porter

With news of modest economic recovery just ahead, companies are dusting off expansion plans and are preparing to increase their hiring. That being said, many hiring budgets will remain tight with little room for experimentation - let alone a hiring mistake that could cost a company thousands.

Untapped Segment

Meet your hiring goals this year with minimal risk by considering an overlooked and relatively untapped resource: the multitude of unemployed, older, seasoned job seekers currently in the job market.

According to a recent survey, 45 percent of our users are part of the Baby Boom generation.

These seasoned candidates bring with them a library of talents, tools and skills that have taken years to acquire and hone. Many in this segment feel that they have been victims of age discrimination during their job search. How true that may be is difficult to know, but it is undeniable that hiring a seasoned candidate typically:

  • Has a significantly higher upside for your company than a downside
  • Brings a fresh perspective to your workplace
  • Adds diversity and improves your overall team

Six Reasons to Hire Older Candidates

Here are six reasons why your company should hire that older, seasoned candidate as soon as you have the chance:

1. Experience: With decades of training while working under a variety of management styles, seasoned candidates have excelled during expansions and coped during cut backs. They're typically eager to train and willing to share their experiences with the rest of your staff when asked.

2. Maturity: They are least likely to be rattled during a crisis. Younger workers tend to look up to older employees - especially in times of change or transition - and often seek them out as mentors. Older employees are typically more confident, more centered, and possess more developed leadership abilities than their younger counterparts.

3. Connections: They know people. You can't work for 10, 20 or 30 years in any business without accumulating several friends and reliable contacts along the way. They can be an outstanding resource for networking new leads and solving problems.

4. Good Manners: Which new employee in your office is most likely to be loyal, honest, thankful, respectful, reliable, punctual, and better-dressed? You guessed it.

5. Motivation: They understand the workplace, value their employment, and possess a superior work ethic to those who haven't been around the block quite as long. They better understand and accept their individual role within a company and the value in a hard day's work.

6. Trustworthiness: No matter whom your customers or clients may be, having a mature and confident employee pleased to represent your company will instill confidence and comfort among your customers and prospects - a guaranteed pay-off for all parties.