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Seven Qualities of a Great Leader

By: Cynthia Wright

Have you ever worked for a manager who embodies the qualities of a great leader? Thoseáof us who were lucky enough to have had this unique experience will agree that these exceptional leaders possess certain talents that make them stand out.

Building a Great Team

A great leader has the ability to attract, hire, and retain talent that share a common goal, thus creating a successful organization. Salesmanship and a great idea aren't enough. You need the talent to make it happen.


As far as communication goes, sometimes more is best. Even in small teams, it is often difficult to keep track of what's going on with other team members. Strong leaders make it a point to send e-mail blasts or newsletters to let everyone on the team know what's going on.

Mission Accomplished?

In any business, don't assume that everyone on your team understands your goals and mission of the organization. Successful leaders remind their teams where the business is going and what it will look like when the goal is reached. Good leaders get to know the people who are helping make their vision a reality. They also are skilled at attracting employees who have a clear understanding of what the company wants to accomplish going forward.

Be Yourself

We all heard the same advice growing up: "Don't try to be someone you aren't." Phoniness is transparent and people can tell when you are not being authentic. Strong leaders surround themselves with people who truly have similar values, morals, and ethics.

Realistic Attitude

Knowing what you are up against and planning accordingly are traits of visionary leaders. Energy and enthusiasm are impressive qualities, but if you don't see the obstacles (and there are always obstacles), a leader's goals will not come to fruition.

Believe to Receive

Visionary leaders believe, empower, and trust their people, especially during tough times. Believing in your team and treating each member as a skilled professional will empower them to perform as such.

Stay Calm

Focus can be compromised; especially during the long, difficult economic times the U.S. has faced since 2008. Strong leaders do not overreact to challenges. Instead, they use them to their advantage. Companies like Apple, GE, and FedEx are examples of companies who have used adversity to their advantage.

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Cynthia Wright has 18 years of recruitment experience in both corporate and agency environments and currently is a Senior Corporate Recruiter with a large New Hampshire hardware re-seller. Cynthia has interviewed and hired hundreds of candidates in Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Information Technology. She has written extensively for The Telegraph (Nashua, NH), is a contributing career expert for My Job Wave/The Employment Times, wrote a syndicated column with Knight Ridder's News2Use, continues to publish her columns nationally, and is the author of the book 366 Tips for a Successful Job´┐ŻSearch (Rosstrum Publishing). Cynthia holds a BS degree from Rutgers University and a Masters Certificate in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Southern New Hampshire University.