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How To Make A Job Offer


Extending a job offer to a candidate may seem like a simple, straightforward process. However, there are ways to perfect it—and we’ve generated the ultimate guide to offering a candidate a position with your company. Here are the best steps to take when learning how to make a job offer.

The Rundown On How To Make A Job Offer

Pre-Offer Protocol

The first step when it comes to how to make a job offer is ensuring the candidate has received all possible information about the role. Have you covered benefits, basics of the job description, or any other details the candidate should be aware of? Paint a full picture of day-to-day responsibilities in the office.

Extending an offer should also be seen as a continuation of the interview. Presenting an offer allows you to gauge what matters to the candidate and what he or she may unwaveringly disagree with. Is there anything in the offer you can adjust to accommodate the candidate’s requests? If not, you may need to continue the search for a new hire.

Make An Appealing Job Offer

A candidate will want to see a salary increase compared to his or her previous income. Adding attractive benefits (including health, vacation, signing bonus etc.) to the offer will help pique the candidate’s interest.

Stay Efficient With The Process

Remember that the longer you wait to extend the offer, the less likely the candidate may be to accept it. He or she may have other employment offers waiting, so it’s smart to use your time wisely—all the way from the interview to the offer.

Present The Initial Offer Over The Phone

Before giving a formal, written offer, every employer should call the candidate. Frame the conversation around how ecstatic you are to find a candidate so qualified for the position, and how you’d love to have him or her on the team. If you sense excitement on the other end and the candidate accepts, you can proceed with a written offer letter.

Compose A Formal Offer Letter

One of the most important steps in how to make a job offer is typing up the official offer letter. It can either be sent to the candidate or reviewed in person—but your new hire must sign and return it in order to formally accept the job. After reviewing the letter outlining the job—benefits, salary, vacation policy, expected start date, supervisor information, etc.—the candidate can negotiate items on the list.

It’s also important to set a deadline by which the candidate must accept or decline your job offer. You’ll want to provide enough time for him or her to mull it over, negotiate, and perhaps even relocate for the position if you’re not hiring someone locally.

What tips do you have for how to make a job offer? Let us know!