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How To Conduct a Face-to-Face Job Interview


Phone interviews are one thing—but knowing how to conduct a face-to-face job interview (and how to perfect it) is a crucial skill every employer should have. We’ve created a comprehensive guide that all employers should follow for mastering the in-person interview.

How To Conduct A Face-To-Face Job Interview

Don’t Pre-Judge A Candidate

Making assumptions or speedy judgments about a candidate based on irrelevant matters (such as appearance) isn’t a smart approach. When it comes to how to conduct a face-to-face job interview, you should provide the candidate with a completely clean slate and focus on his or her qualifications. Ask about the candidate’s experiences of success, potential shortcomings in a previous role, future goals—without prejudging. Give every candidate an equal playing field!

Come Prepared

One of the most important elements in how to conduct a face-to-face job interview is doing your homework beforehand. Research what you can about the candidate—resume, cover letter, social media, Google search results, the companies he or she has previously worked for, work samples, etc. The last thing you want to do is appear clueless as to who the candidate is. Ask specific questions about resume items or relevant information you have researched, and invite the candidate to elaborate.

Ask Questions To Reveal Candidate Behavior

The resume might offer plenty of credentials—problem solver, multi-tasker, team player, etc.—but you can better gauge that during an interview. Ask questions geared toward dealing with difficult coworkers, the candidate’s approach to working on projects with a team, and so on. Based on how relevant and quick these answers are, you’ll be able to see if the candidate has indeed put what’s on paper into practice.

Surprise The Candidate With Unexpected Questions

Of course, the candidate has most likely rehearsed the interview with a friend or family member before coming in for the real deal. But what if you tossed some curveball questions into the mix? This will help reveal how the candidate reacts under pressure, and reflects his or her creativity and quick thinking.

Be Consistent With Candidate Evaluations

As an employer, your format for interviewing and evaluating each candidate must be consistent. Weigh the candidate’s qualifications, personality, goals, and passion for the work. Because these kinds of guidelines are qualitative, they should be pretty flexible and clearly outlined. Take a look at all the answers the candidate gave in response to your questions. To determine a fair conclusion after interviewing multiple candidates for a position, it’s important to evaluate all points you covered with each candidate (and from your own research).

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