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Five Easy Steps to Successful Onboarding

By: Cynthia Wright

By Cynthia Wright

An employee's initial experience with a new employer is important. Starting a simple onboarding program is easier than you think.

First, what exactly is onboarding?

Onboarding is a process used to welcome new employees into your organization. Often, onboarding is done by Human Resources and includes information about company culture, safety, benefits, company history, and anything else that is relevant such as recent company successes, executive changes, and mergers.

Let's talk about how companies can make onboarding successful, fun, and interesting.

1. A Quick Hello

Have the new employee's manager call or e-mail them after they accept and return their offer letter. The reason for the phone call or e-mail is to let the new employee know that their manager is excited to have them on board. This make the new employee feel like a valued part of the team from the very beginning. In addition, an official welcome letter from Human Resources will let your new employees know what time to arrive, the onboarding schedule, dress code, and any other relevant details that will make your new employees first day on the job a success.

2. Keep It Simple (and Fun!)

Often, when a new employee is going through the onboarding process, there is a multitude of information given to them regarding benefits, safety, company history, and culture.

Try making it simple and fun by putting the paperwork online so the new employees can fill it out beforehand and bring it to the onboarding session. Doing this will make your new employee feel less stressed, more prepared, and fully engaged. From a new employee's perspective, this will make them feel valued and part of the team.

3. Benefits and Perks

Every company offers a range of benefits and perks. These extras will be even more valuable to your new employees if you cover them during the onboarding process. Give new employees an easy way to keep track of exactly what they're eligible for, and how/when they can take advantage of these benefits.

This also applies to off-site activities. For instance, if your company has a corporate softball league, let new employees know about it right away, because they may want to participate. Welcoming the whole person will help new hires become more comfortable quickly.

4. Mentors

The first day on the job at a new company is scary for, even the most seasoned veteran. Assigning mentors to each new hire is an excellent way to make your new hire feel less alone, more comfortable, so they can immediately get a feel for your organization's culture. This first day of work and first impressions will have an enormous, positive impact on the employee experience, and will make a lasting first impression.

5. Company Intranet

Provide your new employee with early access to your company's Intranet, where they can self-orient and get up to speed. This is especially important if there are significant, recent events that all employees should know about

Cynthia Wright has 18 years of recruitment experience in both corporate and agency environments and currently is a Senior Corporate Recruiter with a large New Hampshire hardware re-seller. Cynthia has interviewed and hired hundreds of candidates in Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Information Technology. She has written extensively for The Telegraph (Nashua, NH), is a contributing career expert for My Job Wave/The Employment Times, wrote a syndicated column with Knight Ridder's News2Use, continues to publish her columns nationally, and is the author of the book 366 Tips for a Successful Job´┐ŻSearch (Rosstrum Publishing). Cynthia holds a BS degree from Rutgers University and a Masters Certificate in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Southern New Hampshire University.