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Eight Must Haves for Your Website

By: Alison Hinson

Building - or rebuilding - a website for your business can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start - and where do you stop? Your safest bet is to always put the customer first. Use the following list of website essentials to decide if your current website is naughty or nice; let's pretend I'm your customer.

1. Be Welcoming

I want to do business with people that I like, respect, and trust. Are these qualities evident on your website?

2. Easy to Navigate

Don't make finding information on your website difficult. I'm here to figure out if I want to do business with you, not go on a treasure hunt.

3. Speak to the User

I've come to your website to see if you can help me solve a problem. Avoid industry jargon and speak to me in words I can easily understand.

4. Real User Perspective

Ask someone who has never used your website to log on and find information about your company. Are they able to easily find what they are looking for? Get feedback from friends and relatives. Honest feedback from people who care about you can only help make your website better.

5. Pictures

Use pictures or video to showcase the personality of your firm. This can help potential customers feel like they have a personal relationship with your company.

6. Pain Points

Explain the pain I'm in and how you can fix it. I need to know that you understand my pain and can make it go away.

7. Ability to Pay

Don't make it hard for me after my credit card is out and I'm ready to buy. I'm easily distracted, so make it easy for me to pay or else I might move on to something else.

8. Contact Information/Sign-up

Online newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with both current and potential customers. Do you have a place for people to say "Yes, I want to hear from you again?"

Alison Hinson has over 20 years of experience helping business owners make intelligent decisions with their money. She provides corporate programs to help employees better manage their personal finances. In addition to consulting, she frequently writes, speaks, and creates webinars about various financial topics. Alison is the host of Money Talks, an award-winning radio talk show on WMPG, and co-host with Debi Davis of Mind Your Own Business, a show dedicated to all things small business, on WLOB.