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by HIRING TECH TANK by Hackohire


Hiring Tank is a Shark Tank style tech hiring event. Hiring managers pitch to a panel and audience of developers from well known companies.

hiring tank

Following are the benifits for hiring managers to pitch :

  • Pitch once and meet all the attendees. 
  • Meet with experienced engineers from reputable companies.
  • Generate interest from experinced engineers you wouldn't be able to meet at job fairs and on job boards.
  • Pitch your company vision, there by hiring talent that is right fit for your culture.
  • Judging panel is made up of software engineers.
  • Enage with developers through the panel and audience votes.
  • Cut down the cost and time involved in tech hiring.
  • Great opportunity to learn from other hiring managers.
  • Create buzz and PR for your company as an innovator.

The event is livestreamed.

The event is recorded and the video recording is marketed on various channels bringing in additional exposure to the hiring managers and the jobs they are looking to fill.

The panel of judges consists of leaders creating and managing innovation at both startup ventures and corporations.

The attendees include experienced engineers  from companies like 



netflixriot gamesspacexticketmastertechnicolor

How to pitch?

  1. Buy the hiring manager pitch ticket.
  2. You will receive instructions to the pitch. Send your pitch to get approved.
  3. On the pitch day come 1 hour early to practice on the stage.
  4. After the pitch the panel of judges ask questions about , vision,  product, project, technologies, team, career plan.
  5. At the end of all the 10 pitches we take live audience poll about their interest to work.

How to be on panel of judges?

  1. You have to be technologist to be on the panel of judges.
  2. When you purchase the judge ticket, you receive instructions about the type of questions that can be asked
  3. You are required to arrive 1 hour before the event starts to meet with the hiring managers.
  4. This would be a great opportunity to create a visibility for your skills.

Highlights of the Evening:

  • 5PM - Registration Starts

  • 5PM-6PM - Networking , Drinks & Dinner

  • 6PM- 8PM  - Job Pitches by Hiring Managers 

  • 8PM- 9PM - Q&A

  • 9PM - 10PM Networking

  • * Pitching managers receive VIP tickets(value of $1900) to HACKOHIRE 2019 conference .

Date and Time

05/31/2019 5:00 PM - 05/31/2019 10:00 PM EDT


300 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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