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For Job Seekers

By Darrell W. Gurney, Permanent Success Partners


About Our Partnership

Trusted for over 35 years as the leading source on the recruiting industry, Kennedy Information provides a variety of premium services to job seekers of all levels. Kennedy maintains one of the largest and most prestigious databases of executive recruiting and search firms.

Partnered with, Kennedy offers myResumeAgent - instantly emailing your resume to those recruiters that match your qualifications.

Typical Conversation

"Why use a headhunter?" you ask.

My first response is, "Why not?"

"I can get a job on my own," you say, "through all the Internet resources available: job-posting sites, various resume 'blasting' services, as well as direct company contact through corporate job boards."

"Go for it!" I say. "Yet that still doesn't answer my question: Whynot?"

"Because I don't need a recruiter," you reply. "I just told you - Ican get a job on my own."

"Right! You might, and with all those resources at your disposal, what does it cost to have yet another avenue working for you? It's a free service."

"Because sometimes they're pushy, only thinking about their fee, and I've heard from people who've had bad experiences with recruiters."

"OK, so don't work with those recruiters. But what about the rest?"

"To heck with the rest. What can a headhunter do for me that I can't do for myself?"

"So glad you asked! Let's talk..."

Recruiters, Not Just for Celebrities Anymore

You may or may not relate to this dialogue but, regardless of your personal experience with recruiters (aka headhunters), this article contains some ideas worth pondering. Consider that there are both short- and long-term benefits to managing your career through recruiters.

Take Hollywood actors and sports figures, for example. What common denominator stands out in their career process? Answer: a personal manager or agent. These are individuals responsible for attaining and expressing their clients' highest potential. Having an agent means more income, but they also allow their clients those "quality of life" intangibles that can't always be monetized: time for creative fulfillment, personal growth, and enjoyment of what they do, to name a few.

"So," you say, "That's great for them. It's the way that business works. But I'm just an employee."

Think again. Recruiters or headhunters can help you, too. What are some of their short-term benefits that you don't get through your own e-effort?

A Recruiter Can Get You...

...Noticed. A recruiter presenting you to a client company makes you stand out from the crowd of other resumes / emails and ascribes to you a certain energy of "this person is good enough to have representation for his / her career."

...Presented. You get heard about rather than having your information only seen by a hiring company, with many good feelings (from the recruiter) attached.

...Financial Security. A company paying money for you is, generally, financially strong "insurance." A company paying money for you is more committed to your success than to that of someone they get for free - they have an investment on the line.

...Hidden Job Leads. Even in today's wild e-world, for many reasons, many positions are still assigned as "confidential" to search firms.

...Interview Preparation. Yes, you think you know how to interview, but a recruiter's income depends on having you land the job. So, they offer not only an inside view of the hiring company, but a feel for the people you'll meet - more than you'll discover on the net!

...Buffering. The headhunter's compensation depends on your compensation, so they're out for your (and their) best own good. Plus, all but a few professionals can feel at ease dealing with this very personal area: your paycheck!

...Negotiation Help . Through the interview and hiring process, as well as the initial period on the job, a recruiter serves as a useful information channel between you and the company - sometimes a critical factor of success (e.g., "What she meant was..."; "Their impression of you was..."; and "What we want to emphasize more on the next interview is...").

Ongoing Relationship

Perhaps just as important as these short-term benefits, however, are the long-term rewards from affiliating with a few recruiters for life! Just as the Hollywood and sports types can focus on what they do best by having someone else manage their movement, a few chosen career partners can support your long-term goals and desires.

This only happens when you stay connected with your recruiters... not by waiting until you need to make an emergency move. So my advice is to always keep your eyes and ears open; keep your contact information current and keep your resume and "wish list" continually updated.

I respect your loyalty to a company that continues to provide the opportunities and compensation you deserve. But respect yourself enough to always have a secret agent informing you of whether they are doing so-or not with myResumeAgent. It never hurts to hear what's going on out there. And when you find those headhunters you can hold as family career doctors, stay tuned in. You may be surprised at what they uncover for you in the long run.

"OK," you say, "you win."

"Correction," I reply. "You win!"

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About the Author:

Darrell W. Gurney (CPC), is Principal of A Permanent Success National Career / Search Partners, and author of "Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters."'s mission is to help job seekers find real, local, jobs in New York and reach their career goals.

With, job seekers can conveniently search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. Users can also browse jobs by category and/or city. All employment opportunities are conveniently organized to facilitate the search of jobs - including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, as well as seasonal and volunteer work. Job seekers can save their custom search preferences, and even choose to receive automated Job Alert emails on a daily or weekly basis. is New York's number one resource for job seekers and employers, offering insightful advice and articles through our award-winning newsletters and social media channels. is actively involved in the communities we serve, partnering with local chambers of commerce, sports teams, trade associations and career centers, and attending local career fairs and business-to-business events. How New York Gets to Work.